In The Name Of Beauty


Welcome to HER Skin Studio at Salon INK. HER stands for “Holistic Esthetic Revolution”, as I want to educate women - that achieving beautiful skin goes beyond viewing and treating your skin only from the outside.


My name is Julie and I am very excited to welcome you to my treatment room and help you dive deeper into the holistic sphere of skincare.

I am a Danish Certified Medical Esthetician based in Dubai. I hold an internationally recognized Skincare Diploma (CIBTAC & BABTAC) and have continued my education through further studies in Meditation, Mindfulness, Sculptural Face Lifting Massage, Buccal Massage, Nutrition and Chinese Medicine.

I incorporate different modalities in my treatments in order for you to achieve your desired results - such as Facial Gua-Sha, Facial Cupping,  Lifting, Sculpting and Toning Techniques, LED Light Therapy, -  as well as Detoxifying Lymphatic Drainage Massage. 

My studio is a calm restorative space that provides the essential foundation for recharging and unwinding from city life.

I address skincare in a very holistic - yet results-driven way, I am a firm believer of the inside out/- outside in-approach to create long lasting positive changes. Our inner and outer worlds are closely connected and you will need to embrace both to facilitate transformation of your complexion and overall skin-health.

All treatments are specially tailored to your unique skin needs and concerns. My goal is to restore homeostasis and thereby bring balance and nourishment into your skin on a deeper level. 


I am very passionate about educating women on skincare and skin rituals, skincare does not need to be complicated, in fact, it can be incredibly minimalistic, therapeutic and self-soothing.

Beauty is a process - not a product and I will be here helping and guiding you to achieve your most radiant self!