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This represents your classic monthly facial by supporting the healthy function of your skin, with a bespoke session of elevating tissue transforming modalities ranging from gentle cupping to facial Gua-Sha.  

All products and techniques are carefully selected and dedicated to your specific skin type and current skin condition.


The facial will begin with a cleansing protocol followed by  an exfoliation of your face, neck and décolletage.


The session will wind-down with a masque or collagen stimulating light-therapy. Everything is customized – hence each protocol may vary.   

her method

This touch-up session is a wonderful addition to your monthly facial and will help accelerate your results and to restore balance and natural radiance. 

I recommend the session for those who would like to achieve a natural glow leading up to a special event or for those who simply want to unwind and disconnect for a moment. 


 *Please note none of the above includes extractions*

The Method will include a deep cleansing protocol, exfoliation of your face, neck and décolletage. 


I will be performing a bespoke facial massage to prepare the tissues for extraction.


The session will end with an ice globe therapy and a soothing mask.  

iS Clinical Resurfacing treatment - The Fire and Ice Facial-

This intensive clinical treatment is designed to rapidly but safely resurface your skin.

It reduces fine lines and wrinkles, dark spots and hyperpigmentation. It will also refine the skin

texture, rejuvenate your over-all complexion and encourage cellular renewal.  


The treatment consists of two masques.  

The “Fire part” is an intensive resurfacing masque. The masque is warming and

aromatic containing extracts of sugar cane, lactic acid, citrus and apple - amongst other

potent ingredients to smoothen and brighten your skin.  


The other masque presents the “Ice part”. It will act as a cooling agent - soothe,

calm and promote instant hydration to your skin, by pushing hyaluronic acid, aloe vera,

green tea, peppermint and much more - deep into to the layers of your skin.  


After your Fire and Ice masques your skin will be further nourished by adding serums and



This unique combination will leave your skin feeling firmer with a glowing and

radiant complexion.


All superficial skin concerns are addressed from a much deeper level to help restore

and balance your skin’s own vital functions.  


All treatments are mindfully tailored to your skin. Customized facial attunements addressing

everything from aging skin, congestion prone skin - to adult acne. 


First time clients will be asked to fill out an online consultation form which will be sent to

you at time of appointment booking to help assess the right recommendation and

treatment plan for you.


HER Classic represents your classic monthly facial. I work with your skin’s natural cell turnover-cycle incorporating different techniques to restore balance and give you the long-term benefits of a healthy and beautiful skin.

I work by creating a bespoke facial treatment to suit your needs. All you need to decide is the duration of your facial.

This session could include extractions if required. I will customize a homecare regimen for you, as it is an essential part of my facials to achieve long-term results by keeping your skin strong and supple by supporting the epidermal function.


HER Beauty Sleep is your 8 hours of sleep all boiled down to a 75 minutes facial.

This is the ultimate experience and is rooted in the philosophy that a healthy rested mind and body manifests into beautiful, healthy skin. The goal of this session is to make your body dive into a complete para-sympathetic state of mind, leaving all tension and stress behind. I will guide you through a relaxing meditation, perform healing – removing energy blockages and let your mind, body and soul soak in a relaxing facial and scalp massage.


There is something magical about the changing rhythm of the seasons. I have taken this aspect into consideration and created an extraordinary facial experience.


The facial will vary throughout the year honoring each season and awakening your olfactory senses.

In the Autumn and Winter period we are restoring and replenishing our energy to prepare for new life and growth to flourish in the Spring and Summer time.

The Facial includes cleansing, exfoliation massage and masques. The scents are adapted to each season.

There is something beautiful and balancing about living a life in harmony with the natural seasonal cycles.


Even though we are based in a climate that does not acknowledge winter I still believe in honoring the natural rhythms of nature.

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